Lisa Holcomb holds her Master’s of Education in Character Development through Movement Arts and Outdoor Programs from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA.; and certified Advanced Reiki Master Teacher and Kripalu Yoga Center JourneyDance ™ Facilitator. 


Her work, called Ra’Danza Dance, Dance of Light, brings Shamanic and Spiritual insights to an easy everyday level. Her skills as an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher; 5Rhythms® Portland Community Dance Maine DJ, known as DJ Sparkle!; and Certified JourneyDance(tm) and Omega Institute Rest and Relaxation Facilitator enhance every class. Lisa started her dance work in 1993 as an African Caribbean Steel Drum principle dancer, while practicing QiGong and guiding Mountain Classroom Adventures. She has been teaching, dancing and performing with all ages at universities, schools, wellness centers and locally on the dance floor, in nature and even in the water. Her goal is to guide students to connect to their highest vibration, their intuitive interconnected Self. “Everyone has a beautiful, complex, wild and often messy story buried inside waiting to be released and honored!”.


Lisa’s Class

RA’DANZA Ecstatic Dance with Lisa Wednesdays 11:30 AM


The movement will escalate based on you!

Music is an eclectic collection of natural, modern, world and alternative sounds allowing your body to take over and empty your mind!

Ra’Danza Dance is a stroll in your Soul’s shoes as she or he unburdens the shawl of the past, embodies the electricity of the present and blissfully relaxes into the foggy veil of the future by bringing you into the HERE and NOW.

Who knew? All through a little dance, a plain ol wiggle, jiggle and woop in your kitchen drying dishes your mind, body, and emotion can be freed up to connect with the all-knowing part of yourself, your heart, your intuition, your cosmic intelligence!?


Dance of Light is the literal translation of Ra’Danza (rha-dha-n-za), the practice of illuminating, connecting to and recognizing your Source through unbounded motor memory and sound vibrations.

By being in the Moment through music, movement, meditation, and dance you free your unconscious to release you from the shackles of structure, stress, doubts, uncertainty, and fears that can block you from your second nature, your FLOW, that part of you that just KNOWS…


We start off slow and gradually move into a blissful release thru each area of the body, physical and energetic, by connecting to natural elements of nature and imagery.

The movement will escalate based on you! Music is an eclectic collection of natural, modern, world and alternative sounds allowing your body to take over and empty your mind!

This is a Sacred Dance that invites your Spiritual nature to surface and be transformed by being willing to be the Shaman, recall the past, bring it into the moment and amend it as you walk towards your future.

Folks will experience Contact Dance, a beautiful safe tapestry of movement with one another while being wholly apart of your own dance, coming and going to others naturally and spontaneously.

Conscious Dance is how Ra’Danza is categorized, vs Traditional Dance. It is a form of the oldest type of dance movement meditation, yet viewed as one of the most alternative types of dance today because it takes courage to move into a trance-like place.


The facilitator’s job, Lisa, is to consciously create a music playlist set that will take you thru all your energetic layers, helping you to release and ground. You will feel yourself spiral thru your river of energy vortexes, invisible muscles or, as they are called, chakras.


Chakras hold a story until you let it out, thus opening this invisible area, strengthening it and enhancing it. Folks will become aware of their 7 (to 9) foundational chakras in this class. The dance will help you strengthen challenged areas and balance with the others.


Folks will enjoy being released to unlock their own bodies thru the rhythm of the music, free dance, and guided as well to learn meditative dance movements. You will learn actual healing dances from around the world, then be guided to create your own.


Bring Journal (opt) to capture insights, memories, insights!

Bring a special Ra’Danza Journal to use throughout the next 3 months this special class is offered, to capture insights as you go from being aware of your muscular, skeletal being to unlocking energy that is stored in every fiber of your celestial intuitive Self, one with Universe.

Memories, insights, and imprints are revealed to anyone who is BRAVE enough to step into the silence of themselves unlocking their Dharma, their Truest Self and the passions that make life vibrant.

Now is a good time to RELEASE and start ANEW.


Instructor Lisa Holcomb believes in the invaluable process and practice of healing arts and nature. For more information go to