Be Well Studios

Blair S. Kershaw

Embodiment Facilitator & Founder of Strategic Serendipity

Blair believes that our bodies are magnificent and have unlimited potential for healing and general awesomeness!

Guided by intuition, a deep understanding of the interrelationships at play between bodily systems, and through mindful touch, Blair helps move the body into a space of safety to begin to unwind & release the embedded energetic & physical patterns that could be keeping you from feeling your best.

We store on a cellular level the memory of any traumas or insults to the body as a system, whether we’re conscious of this or not, and Blair’s work will go as deep with you as you are willing to go with yourself.

Blair is a Massage Therapist, licensed in MA & NH, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a student of Zero Balancing and Craniosacral Therapy in the process of certification, and she would be honored to offer a traditional treatment in any of these modalities of practice.

When left to her own devices within a session, Blair listens to the body & blends into her work a variety of ancient and modern modalities and techniques, from relaxation to deep tissue Massage and myofascial release, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, and practices rooted in yogic principles & theory, including sound healing, movement, breathwork, meditation and Thai Yoga Massage.

If we trust and listen to our inner wisdom, we can unlock and unwind patterns and trauma that embed themselves into the body, and Blair offers a variety of ancient and modern approaches to do so:

Massage: Blair is a fascia, or connective tissue, nerd! Our fascia connects literally everything in the body and it holds a memory of trauma on a cellular level, so while she is able to go quite deep into the muscles and tissues of the body, Blair doesn’t believe in getting there through pain or brute force.

Craniosacral Therapy: This beautiful modality involves a listening, with often quite gentle touch, to our body’s Craniosacral Rhythm, whose rate & strength of flow moves our Cerebrospinal Fluid throughout the body.

Zero Balancing: The energy stored within our bones contains the essence of who we were born in this world to be, so by utilizing a deeper quality of touch to connect to our bones, we can impact change in all superficial bodily systems.

Reiki: Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality (and a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy) that focuses on identifying and releasing blockages from within our Biofield or Aura, the electromagnetic bubble within which our physical body exists, and our Chakras (meaning wheel in Sanskrit), which are energetic vortexes that exist within the body.

Pricing: $150 for the first hour, $100/hour thereafter
Payment Accepted: Cash, Check, Credit (with a 5% upcharge) & Venmo

What is Strategic Serendipity? It is the intention setting within oneself to open the mind & more importantly the heart to the magic abound of being human in this life in this body on this magnificent planet.

Blair is excited to share with our community her passion for activating the body to its fullest potential, as we all deserve to thrive and do the things we love while feeling comfortable, safe & at ease within our bodies

Bookings: (617) 694-2076