My yoga practice began over ten years ago in a small mountain studio in Vermont. I began the practice in an attempt to aid my insomnia. Instead, I found an amazing practice in which I could play and explore my body. Yoga stayed fairly physical for me for the first few years as I used it as a way to train for surfing, snowboarding, and whatever other sport I was up to at the time. In 2007, I started my Master’s degree in Environmental Education, and yoga became “me time.” My practice began to change from a physical workout into a place for me to unwind. I started to feel the stress leave my body after practicing.
In 2010, I began my first teacher training. Over the past five years, I have completed over 400 hours of Hatha training, but I have had the opportunity to teach everything from paddleboard yoga to kid’s yoga and everything in between. I’ve shared my practice with high school students, taught restorative, hot, yoga nidra, power and flow classes while I have begun to come into my own as a teacher. I have run several beginner workshops and taught many first timers to “play yoga.” I LOVE teaching on the beach and on the paddleboard surrounded by nature. However, as my practice started in a small mountain studio, I am very excited to have come full circle and to return to my roots, in New England, and share my practice at Be Well Studios.