Gary R Albee

Ascension Coach

Marconic Practitioner




What is Ascension?

Quite simply, ascension is an expansion in matter in its ability to hold light. All matter is energy in motion. Motion consists of electrons oscillating or vibrating at a particular frequency to capture and reflect light in such a way that matter results. All of life is taking a quantum leap forward.


Who and or what is ascending?

Everything. All matter on Earth and in the Milky Way and all beings, planets and star systems from the beginning of time back to the Creator…God …the One! Why? It’s time. The Creator is expanding to the next experience of Self and all of creation will follow. The One Most High is calling humanity home. The rapture is eminent.


Why hire an ascension coach?

It’s not necessary. All of creation is being given all that they need to expand in the light of the Creator. What I offer is an ability to move blockages, activate dormant codes, and put you in contact with the tools and daily practices that you will need to accelerate your frequency to levels acceptable to admission to the higher dimensions of light. God is calling us all home.  It’s Time!


Marconic Energy Work

Marconics is a new frequency available to mankind which comes from the Great Central Sun, home of the Creator.  This frequency is shining down with great Love and Compassion for those Hu-man beings incarnate on the planet today.  It is here to lighten the body, increase vibrational frequencies, reconnect the filaments of light that are your divine blueprint and light the way—the path—the portal home to the Creator.


Appointments and Fees:

Ascension Coaching:  $50.00 per hour.
Marconic No-Touch Healing:  $99.00
Marconic Recallibration/Chakra Uncapping  $333.00
Sliding scale available. Barter welcome. Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Call to discuss.