Becca is a MovNat Certified Trainer, Board Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, Wilderness First Responder, and soon-to-be Registered Maine Guide.  Her love of the outdoors permeates her life, and this passion shines through in her movement classes. Becca studied meditation and yoga for over a decade with Shri Anandi Ma, which began her journey into self-awareness and spirituality. She then expanded her studies at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. Since then, her passions evolved into natural human movement, body alignment, and personal resilience. She completed yoga teacher training courses with Jonathan Fitzgordon and Brea Johnson, both of which focused on biomechanics and natural human movement.  In 2018, Becca began an apprenticeship at the Maine Primitive Skills School, where she has tied together her passions of self-awareness, spirituality, nature connection, personal resilience, and natural movement. She is now pursuing her license as a Registered Maine Guide. Becca is also very excited about the inception of Northern Songlines Wilderness Education, where she and her partner guide outdoor adventure and nature connection experiences.

Becca Teaches Earth Flow Sundays at 8:15 AM

Discover your body’s innate power and freedom through natural human movement. In this class, we will roll, sit, squat, crawl, balance, bounce, and breathe. We will laugh, sweat, and explore our personal edges while moving our bodies the way they are meant to be moved. This class is about reclaiming the wild within! The movement sequences are designed with progressions to help you find your own edge. The natural movements and awareness exercises taught in EarthFlow will inspire adventures in the wild, all while quieting the mind, expanding the breath, and opening up the senses. All levels are welcome.