Julie M

Inner Wisdom and Arm Balances

Sunday August 21st 1-3:30 pm
$35 per person

Sage (adj.): wise through reflection and experience.
Shed light upon and step into your deep inner wisdom through the experience of myth and asana. Through our work and the stories of two great yogic sages, we will gain a deeper understanding of the poses, our practices, and ourselves. Working mindfully and progressively, we will learn the actions to take us toward and deeper into the arm balances named for the sages Vasistha (vasisthasana – side plank) and Visvamitra (visvamitrasana – Friend of the Universe Pose). We will work hard, be safe, and have fun. All levels welcome.

Julie Mackiewicz is a former resident of the Mt. Washington Valley and teacher at Be Well Studios, and is excited for this opportunity. She is an E-RYT 200. Her teaching and personal practice combine alignment and mindfully aligned flow. The coming together of which allows for deep connection along with creative expression. She loves the mythology and philosophy of yoga and to weave the stories and teachings into her offerings. She sees yoga and our individual practices as continually evolving, as we ourselves are. And it is through our practices and meeting our edges, with humor and grace, that transformation occurs. You can find her at juliemackiewicz.com