Michelle Baird

As a traveler, nature enthusiast, student, and practitioner of herbalism and holistic health, I have a deep passion for the earth and the beautiful people on it. While studying herbalism, I found that despite my love for what I was learning, my curiosity grew more and more towards the emotional aspects of well being. Through exploring my own emotions, I found one that became my driving force; that fiery sensation moving through my body known as passion. That feeling opened up and was running through me after my first Dance Meditation Technique (DMT) experience. After my second class, I signed up to be a facilitator, where I studied with the creator of DMT for about 2 years in Detroit MI. DMT has been an experience that has opened me up to become a creative expression of the raw emotion that music sends flowing through us. Dance. Movement. flow. These are my outlets. My mission is to help others reignite the joyous parts of themselves that they may have lost connection with and to assist them in opening up to rediscovering the exhilarating freedom of sound and movement.  Through the practice of DMT I aim to help each student reacquaint themselves with the raw feeling of emotion pulsing through their body and the fiery passion of feeling just what it means to be alive.  


Michelle Teaches Meditation with Dance Sundays at 8:15 AM

Dance Meditation Technique with Michelle
Do you want to remember just how good you can feel naturally?! DanceMT is an un-choreographed movement meditation, a powerful scientific technique transforming tension into creativity, and a whole-being workout! Rediscover the joy of natural connection, discover deep layers of creative potential, recognize and overcome fear and feel GREAT while doing it!