dana lotusWeekly Tuesday & Sunday night practices will consist of sun salutations, followed by a series of standing and seated postures, and a closing/rest period. Variations on postures are available for all levels of fitness and flexibility. Focus will be on breath and smoothly transitioning from one posture to the next – it may very well be that the postures are only a distraction while we learn to breathe. The practice will also touch on the three-pronged approach to taking postures/moving with breath known as “tristana”. Tristana includes conscious, relaxed breath, engagement of internal locks and focusing of the eyes on a point. Here we are encouraged to draw the senses inward and move through practice with little distraction. “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” We practice in order to achieve a stillness and clarity of mind.

I have the good fortune to have practiced and/or trained over long periods with Eric Andrews (Water & Stone Yoga), Kimberly Dahlmann (Yoga East-Portsmouth), and Caroline Klebl (Source of Yoga), all focused on the practice of Astanga Yoga. I’ve also benefited from workshops with Eddie Modestini/Nicki  Doane, David Swenson, Darby & Joanne, Bhavani Maki, Annie Pace and Petri Raisenan. My current teacher is Jennifer Morrison who leads traditional Mysore practice in Portland at her Studio 72.


Dana teaches Ashtanga Yoga Tuesdays and Sundays at 6 PM.