Chellsey Latham

I have always been an active person with a very outgoing personality, I am an explorer & outdoor enthusiast at heart, there aren’t many outdoor activities I don’t do and being here in North Conway is just the best place to be! I am a Realtor in town and SO lucky to love where I live and share it with others. I have taught various group fitness for 7 years, practicing yoga for 10 years. I found yoga through traumatic injury, I broke my spine in 11 places and suffered severe whiplash and concussion. I needed to learn to walk and reconnect my brain with movement all over again as a young adult. Yoga felt unreachable for me, but through my dedication to healing I began to realize it was helping me, I was moving, I had less pain, it made me feel free. Yoga awakened my soul and pushed my mental and physical capabilities so far beyond what I ever could have known or what I was told I’d be capable of doing. I craved more of this feeling of freedom, power, and peace within. There was no better way than by teaching and sharing the power of yoga with others. We are all on our own journey, I look forward to helping you explore within and share the practice of yoga.
Chellsey teaches Warm Vinyasa Yoga Mondays at 8:15 AM
Warm Vinyasa
75-minute vinyasa flow for all levels. Modern music. Be ready to sweat and rejuvenate as we practice asana, explore within, re-align the body and soul.