Amanda LoRusso

Amanda has been studying yoga for over ten years in a variety of facets. She holds her 200-hour certification along with 40 hours of Trauma Sensitivity, and Kripalu Yoga in the Schools focusing on middle and high school students. Amanda attributes most of her in-depth learning from living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for two years as a volunteer and intern. Amanda spent another two years researching yoga academically. She has co-authored two articles on yoga for middle school students and its effects on stress, mood, and substance use. Additionally, Amanda has assisted on several other research projects including Yoga for PTSD & Insomnia, Acupuncture for Gulf War Illness, and Thai Chi for Parkinson’s Disease. Amanda later studied massage therapy in Costa Rica which led her to travel, working as a wellness instructor on a small-ship cruise line based in Alaska and Hawaii. Currently, she is putting all of her skills – science, yoga, and massage – to the test as an EMT, firefighter, yoga teacher, transformative breathwork coach, and massage therapist.

Amanda Teaches Yoga Nidra & Flow Wednesdays at 10 AM & Heated Flow Yoga Saturdays at 8:15 AM 

Wednesdays 10 AM – Yoga Nidra & Flow:

Yoga Nidra and Flow is a low movement class, designed to develop the skill of listening within to discover release of subtle and deep tension. Students spend approximately 20 minutes in an extended relaxation pose, guided by the instructor in yoga nidra, or dream-sleep yoga. Movement is gradual, gently guided, with the intent of finding freedom within the body – muscle, fascia, bone – mind, body, spirit. Yoga Nidra and Flow is an excellent class for anyone dealing with injuries or restricted movement, feeling emotionally/physically drained (holidays anyone?), or looking for a deeper awareness of mind and body.

Saturdays 8:15 AM – Heated Flow

Heated Flow is a moderate to high energy vinyasa class – a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath, all at 90 degrees. Come forget why you hate winter and remember why you hate summer! (Kidding, New Englanders!) Expect to move at a moderate pace, hold strengthening postures, and find muscular release in 1-2 yin postures. Heated Flow is taught at an intermediate level; however, all levels are welcome. There are plenty of opportunities to modify poses to either invite reduced effort or increase vigor.