Welcome all to the WOW Yoga series!

What makes WOW (Women of Wisdom) a yoga class/practice worthy of your time and energy? Women of all ages are faced with physical changes throughout their lives. Women in society seek common sharing and the safety of exploring yoga and their body, mind, and spirit in a nurturing environment. You’ve got to love your body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and what better way to create self acceptance and love for the gift you’ve been given.

We will explore ways of connecting at deeper levels through yoga asanas, readings, tapping into the lunar energies and connecting with crystals and angel cards. Radical self-care for support within each class and the series will be offered. Come and be, move, live, breathe, dream, and love. All levels are welcome and participants are invited to bring journals, poems, and to send me suggestions prior to class for special interest topics.