As of June 1st, we have a new summer schedule, which you can find HERE. Please welcome our newest instructor, Robin Whatley, who will be teaching Roll & Renew Monday Mornings at 8:15AM.

Robin Whatley



After attending college in NH, I moved to the valley to start my career with the AMC back in 2015. As for many people, my practice with yoga was inconsistent for many of my youthful years. It wasn’t until I moved to the valley that yoga became apart of my everyday life. The summer of 2018 I had the pleasure to volunteer at the Wanderlust festival at Stratton Mtn Resort in Vermont. Stratton also happens to be where I grew up and spent all my childhood skiing and playing in the hills of the Green Mountains. I knew that once I arrived that I was right where I needed to be in that moment in time. My experience was eye opening and the people I met along the way helped me realize what my next step in life had to be. With a background in Adventure Education and a passion for everything outdoors, I knew that teaching yoga had to be my next chapter. This past winter I attended the Kripalu 200-hour yoga teacher training in the Berkshires. My experience at Kripalu enhanced my passion for teaching yoga and allowed me to find what is true and real for me.

I have also made a great connect with a company based out of Colorado called RAD Roller. They have helped me remotely with gaining a certification in RAD Mobility. RAD’s mission is to “Improve body movement and propel radical lives through innovation tools and education”. My goal is to combine my skills with RAD into my yoga classes to educate the those on the general functions of our bodies movement and mobility.


Class description

This 60-minute class is designed for all levels and will be focused on movement, mobility and release. Our body’s all move in different way, but our joints all have the same general function. By release and rolling out our tissues located around our muscles and joints, we can allow the bodies movement to function with ease. During this class, we will flow through a gentle warm up to awaken our muscles, joints and tissues, followed by a full body release using props, tools and our breath. My goal with teaching the roll and release class is to not only educate people but to allow for a comfortable space for those looking to release tension that we carry with us throughout our daily lives.