I was born and raised in New Delhi, India.  I moved to New York as a young adult, to work at Time magazine — and I never returned to live in India.  I grew up in a household where one of my uncles practiced yoga, much to the entertainment and delight of the children in the household, myself included!  My uncle would search for calm as he stood on his head, and we would bend over and peer at him in what struck as as an odd way to greet the day!

We have lived in the Mount Washington Valley for nigh on thirty years.  I have practiced yoga for many years, and it has brought calm and grace to my life.

Vanessa’s Classes

Kripalu Yoga Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays 10 AM

Description:Kripalu yoga is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels, and interests. Classes typically start with a brief centering and a coming into stillness. They incorporate some breathe work stretches so that the spine is moved in six directions. Then class moves to asanas postures),standing balances, and conclude in shivasana (rest pose) so that students leave the class feeling refreshed and restored. Classes are often defined as gentle, moderate, or vigorous, referring to the intensity of practice; however, because our needs vary from day to day and over time, students in Kripalu Yoga classes are encouraged to tune in to their bodies and practice at intensity that feels right in the present moment. All Levels Welcome