Spirit Song with Ted Kinsman

Saturday, September 26, 7:00 pm

Come join us in singing English and Sanskrit chants that honor the Divine within.

“Ted’s jazzy guitar and unique arrangements make these simple songs a joy for all, from beginner to advanced”.

Donations gratefully accepted and all are welcome. For more information, go to bewellstudiosnh.com or tedkinsman.com


This music  has an ancient history that spans many cultures. Nearly all faiths have embraced the singing of prayers in one form or another. Perhaps it is because the awareness that can come from this process is a vehicle to self-realization.

Most of the songs I sing are in a combination of English and the ancient yogic language of Sanskrit. I have found that both languages are wonderful ways of singing and expressing these ancient prayers. They are, of course, referring to the various forms of consciousness that we experience every day, in almost all situations. Sometimes we are compassionate, sometimes we are loving, and often we are kind. Sometimes, however, we might be less than kind, or less than loving, and all these moments provide opportunities to shift into an awareness of the inclination of mind.

When we can see the mind’s inclination, it begins a process of spiritual maturation. Soon, if we are bathed in grace, we may even be able to mitigate the influence of both mind and its minion, ego. If mind and ego are quiet (even for a moment), we can encounter consciousness from a new place. 

Eventually I would like those forms of consciousness to dissolve into unity, but for now the differentiation exists. The dissolution is a process, and prayerful singing can be a vehicle for this transmutation to occur.