Soul-Full Yoga Series

Saturdays at 2 pm, approximately 2 hours


MeditationYoga – Meditation – Mindfulness – Total Restoration

This class will start with a series of poses that center around opening and balancing the seven chakras. Each pose will connect with a different chakra and will be held long enough to relax and explore the sensations of both body and mind. Very slow, meditative movements that are ideal for a yogini of any level. The intention is to move into the practice, going beyond the physical, mental and emotional to explore the spiritual sensations and connections. After the poses we will take an extended shivasana to rest, and follow up with a series of breathing exercises, ending with a guided meditation. Using the physicality of the poses to get into a more Soul-full and intuitive space, we then use the breathing exercises and meditation as tools to deepen our connection to self.


Upcoming Dates:

February 21

March 28

April 18

May 16