Simple Sustainable Self-Care

Meghan Gilroy

Sunday, April 12

2 pm


Simple Meghan Gilroy 2015 HeadshotSustainable Self-Care is realistic, easy, bite-sized actions that don’t require a lot of planning, scheduling, purchasing or preparing. What a relief! Right?

As women, all too often we are seduced by ‘sexy’ glamorous self-care splurges and big intentions – the week long yoga retreat or promising ourselves that we’ll workout twice a week – forever.

Yet after the initial rush of enthusiasm, we fall back into our old routine of putting others first, making excuses and wondering why we never can find time for ourselves.

During this pleasurable workshop with relaxing experiential activities, you will:

  • Create your own stress-free Simple Self-Care Plan
  • Discover regular, ongoing sustainable self-care practices that you can do – usually in the comfort of your own home
  • Set up gentle reminders that work for you
  • Experience a guided meditation to refill and rejuvenate your energy


Ready to restore your sanity, health and wellbeing and feel so much better?


Meghan Gilroy is a shamanic healer, life & business coach and mindful mama filled with practical spirituality. She untangles relationship, career, health and money issues by nurturing intuition and simple self-care. You can find her at