Rebecca is a cheeky Kundalini Yoga teacher, whose classes are fun, gentle and focused.  She grew up in southern New Hampshire.  She moved to New York City twenty years ago to pursue a career in the arts, and has since worked in abstract painting, fashion and the healing arts.  She moved back to New Hampshire five years ago, where she enjoys the fresh air and nature. If she is not doing yoga, she is Tango or Ballroom dancing, abstract painting, or curating an art show. Always intrigued in the “being” beyond the “doing” and approaching life from a holistic perspective, she has also spent much of her time practicing and studying yoga, meditation, metaphysics, energy work and various other avenues to explore and expand.  She also has a daughter Violet who is sixteen.
  She received her Kundalini Teacher training in downtown NYC at the Kundalini East Studios in 2001. She also did teacher training for Vinyasa yoga, at the Bhava Yoga Studio in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2013. She was a yoga teacher at Mind Body Soul Yoga, in NYC with Alyssa Snow in 2009. Rebecca spent time at the St. Vincent hospital to support the energy work for the trauma victims of 9/11. It was at St. Vincent where she was introduced to Reiki in 2002. Peter Goldbeck initiated her for Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki. She holds a third level degree. Her passion for being an integrative healthcare practitioner comes from her commitment to inspire and empower people to participate powerfully in their health and wellbeing at a profound level. She also has a reiki practice and offers private yoga classes for people who help with a specific health challenges.