Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as “fluid.” We believe in creating a fluid life on and off the mat. The Rasamaya style teaches about the balance between flow and stillness as explored through the lens of the rasas (major emotions), the chakra system and dynamic anatomy. A typical Rasamaya yoga class creates an incredible well rounded journey into yoga poses, meditation, inspiration and pranayama (breath) to provide you with a playful practice full of yogic gems and rhythmic poses lifting your heart and spirit. Please join us in exploring the natural rhythms created in this practice giving the body, mind and spirit a daily gift to create a fluid life. All levels welcome.

Rasamaya yoga for May! Enjoy fluidity on your mat and in your life as Rasamaya yoga is simply yoga with a focus on energy flow in yoga asanas (poses) supported by exploration of your chakras, the energy centers of the energetic body. Each month we link asanas with specific body part typically needing strengthening in most people. During the Month of May we are exploring supportive knee health in each asana as well as the energetic “root chakra” our direct relationship to ourselves. This offering is unique as each class benefits (by choice) from aromatherapy, Reiki infused energy, and angel cards validating inner wisdom. It’s a healing practice in mind, body and spirit. Connect deeply with yourself at all levels.

Some fun facts for the root chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara
Meaning: Root or Support
Location: Base of the spine between the anus and genitals
Symbol: four red petals around a square containing downward pointing triangle

root chakra
Associated color: Red

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Saturn