with Heather Chase and Russ Van Deursen

Select Saturdays, May 24th – Sept. 27th  10 am

$25/class or complete 9 class course for $150

Pre-registration & Prepayment required by the previous Wednesday at 6:00 pm 



This hands-on farm series will lead you through a permaculture growing season.  You’ll learn techniques to turn your backyard into an interconnected food producing area for you and your family.  Please wear work clothes and bring water, sun protection, and bug repellant.  This series will be held at Mountain Flower Farm (The Local Grocer’s farm)  in Intervale and will be taught by the owners of The Local Grocer. 

Russ Van Deursen – Market Gardener and certified Permaculture Designer

Heather Chase – Gardener, Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritional Consultant


May 24th Getting your Garden Ready for Planting    

*      Will cover permaculture no-till approach to soil and bed preparation. Soil amending, transplanting and direct sow techniques will also be discussed. 2-3 hours


May 31st – Medicinal and Edible Herbs in the Garden and Landscape

  • ·         There are many medicinal and edible herbs which grow readily in our climate and will add beauty to your garden or landscape.  Many herbs are great companion plants or “beneficials” for your vegetable garden.  We’ll discuss cultivation, medicinal uses and applications of some of Heather’s favorite garden herbs. 2-3 hours  


June 14th – Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

  • ·         Hands-on approach to shitake, maitake and oyster mushroom cultivation. 2-3hours


June 28th – Backyard Poultry Care and Processing

  • ·         Backyard basics to poultry care for laying hens and broilers.  How to provide the best possible care for your free range birds while providing food for you and your family.  This workshop includes instructions on breeds, proper feeding (and why you want to use organic feed vs. conventional feed), and the proper watering devices to keep their water sanitary.  We will go over chicken coop design essentials and also show you how to use a moveable, open-bottomed chicken “tractor”, which allows them to eat bugs and grass, providing a healthier and more natural habitat for your birds,   This hands-on workshop will also include broiler processing for the freezer. For those who wish to participate in this part of the class, please wear old clothing.   2 hours


July 12th – Smart Weeding and Natural Pest Control

  • ·         You’ll learn about the nutritious edible and medicinal weeds that grow in your garden, as well as in your backyard,  and how some of of them are more nutritious than your vegetables!  We’ll discuss “smart” weeding techniques and natural pest control methods.  2-3 hours


August 9th –Improving your Soil Health

  • ·         Composting on any scale.
  • ·         Compost Tea – making your own fertilizer to boost soil health
  • ·         Sheet mulching and hugelkultur for permaculture style no-till raised beds.

2-3 hours

August 23rd – Preserving the Harvest: part 1

  • ·         Hands-on demonstration of canning salsa and pickles and  pesto making.  Recipes shared. 2-3 hours


September 13th – Preserving the Harvest: part 2

  • ·         Hands on workshop and discussion of natural (lactic acid) fermentation preservation methods and health benefits. Kimchee and salsa will be made and recipes shared. 2-3 hours  CANCELLED


September 27th – Season Extension Methods

  • ·         Extend your growing season with some easy do-it-yourself techniques.  We’ll discuss and demonstrate succession planting methods, over-wintering, cold weather vegetables, and the use of row covers and hoop houses.  2-3 hours