Healers circle...

Are you a healer in the Mt. Washington Valley area?

Interested in connecting with other supportive, like-minded and like-hearted practitioners?

Do you desire a space to recharge and share your own personal process away from clients and family?

Join us for a monthly Healer’s Circle, facilitated by Meghan Gilroy, shamanic healer & life coach, and Chelsea Latham, soul realignment practitioner & yoga instructor at The Local Grocer/Be Well Studios. We’ll collaboratively create a sacred space to support each other personally and professionally. Think a mix of meditation, deep talk, laughter, heart-provoking activities, and the opportunity to organically network, following by time to chat and eat in the café.

January 23 – February 27 – March 27 – April 17

12 – 2 pm at the Local Grocer

If interested please email Meghan@shamangirl.com or tulavida@gmail.com