“I’m an avid adventurer that is always eager to get outside and explore! I am blessed to have amazing adventure partner in my husband, Perry, and dog, Ike. In snow season, you can find us back country skiing every day we can. In the non-snow seasons, we love to mountain bike, climb, hike and paddle. My full time job is with NH Fish and Game researching an endangered alpine butterfly where I spend my work days hiking in the White Mountains. Keep an eye out for me with my big butterfly net!
Every day that I practice yoga, I simply feel better. My class, Dynamic Hatha, was created to inspire everyone to practice yoga and, hopefully, feel good too! Yoga can fit into any moment in life and my class helps build strength, stamina, and flexibility, while exploring mindfulness and clarity that one can use every day”

Sam teaches Dynamic Hatha on Wednesdays at 10AM