“I love teaching Yoga and Ayurveda for a living, but when I am not working on both of my businesses, Zenergie Yoga & Ayurveda + Zen Union, I am hosting for the local television station, White Mountains TV via Outside Television on Explore the White Mountains and White Mountains Today!

In my free time, I am creating balance for myself and cherishing relationships with loved ones, such as my fiancé, Justin, and my kitty, Aura Luna. Nature, particularly water and especially the ocean, are always calling to me! Sunshine on my skin is one of the most nourishing sensations for me. Meditation and music are both healing modalities that are part of my daily routine. Actually, I just began guitar lessons again recently! Singing in the car is quite common for me and I jokingly refer to it as CARaoke, since those are my initials, as well. Reading and writing are a couple of my favorite things to do, too. Traveling, meeting new people, and trying new artistic or athletic activities are always fun!

My life well-lived involves being a lifelong learner, creating my own reality, and continually trying something new! If you decide to join me for class, I am looking at Yoga through the lens of Ayurveda, so there will be a balancing of feminine, Yin, and masculine, Yang, energy along with a variety of styles, such as Yin, Vinyasa, and Nidra.

I will end with one of my favorite lyrical quotes by Jay-Z, “Do not ever go with the flow. Be the flow!” Namaste.”


Christie teaches Ayurvedic Yoga Flow On Saturdays At Ten A.M.