Living Yoga

Julie Mackiewicz and other instructors

Saturdays 1 – 2:00 pm

$15 drop in, yoga punch card, Unlimited Yoga card

922f2e252c486597aba2b71cd4378c78In this class, we’ll take our practice off the mat, exploring different facets of yoga through a variety of topics, teachings and stories. Yoga is a living practice, active spiritual following and philosophical study, there is so much more than asanas alone. Learn some of the amazing and integral pieces of the Yogic Life that makes it one of the most powerful and healthy practices in the world. Mudras, bandhas, nutrition, pranayama, breath, mantras, the experience of studying yoga and more will be covered in this ongoing series that will be lead by Julie but with varying perspectives of different teachers too!

Upcoming Dates

  • January 24 – Dharma: Our work in the world, our soul’s deepest purpose

  • February 28 – Transformation: The alchemy of the practices of yoga

  • March 21 –  Kali: Storytelling and Myths, their meaning and mantra.

  • April 25 – Pranayama: Take Control of Your Life – Hosted by Chelsea Latham

  • May 23 – Yamas and Niyamas: an overview and storytelling about Patanjali