Jade Fox

About Jade:

My journey with yoga like many people has been a bit inconsistent. I remember receiving a kids yoga book for Christmas when I was 9. I didn’t know how to connect breathe and movement but I would flip through each posture eagerly gazing at all the pictures. Going through the motions. As I got older I went to a few classes, did yoga on YouTube, on my TV.  I think I was born with an innate need to express myself through movement. Yoga drew me in as well because our core values aligned. 

My mom taught me about the power of word and thought from a very young age, how my destiny is surely not paved out for me. Life is what you make it. She taught me to be positive through all situations. Without meaning to at all I began manifesting some amazing teachers and mentors into my life. One who took me to clinics and classes, lead me through Ayurveda and the deities. 

That’s when I truly fell in love. Then the joy and manifesting just kept coming. In approaching my senior year of High School all I could think of doing for the rest of my life was yoga. All I really wanted to be for the rest of my life was a healer. I wanted to provide people with the feeling I got after every yoga class. The feeling of utter bliss. A state of alignment and divinity. 

So I saved up my money, and sent myself to Costa Rica, for my yoga teacher training. Combining my two highest goals, yoga and travel. This was the most beautiful, trialing, and empowering time of my life so far. Living in an off-grid permaculture farm deep in the jungle, on the ocean. Far away from civilization, and all the common comforts I was used to (hot showers, clean sheets, ice cream etc.). It was life-changing. Sparking a deep seeded need to see more, experience more, be more, love more. 

Every day we were trialed as yogis, with torrential downpours. Left Praying, dancing, and begging for sunshine. Bugs and rashes became normal. Deep self-reflections that left us crying on our knees. Limited connection to our friends and family back home. Yet the lushest most beautiful scenery, the most nourishing food straight of the farm, the most beautiful ocean just a path away. The sisterhood we grew is stronger than any I have ever witnessed. I wouldn’t change learning Hatha flow and Vinyasa there for the world. 

I am always growing as a teacher and am so excited to continue growing with every class, learning from the beautiful souls I become surrounded by. On the horizon, I will be receiving more training to expand my knowledge and continue to grow my own business as a yoga teacher. Looking into Holistic Massage, becoming a doula, and much more. Also collaborating and working with Christie of Zenergie Yoga and Ayurveda. 

Right now I find my Niche in the outdoor yoga. As well as being a Floral Creative (Florist) I am inspired by the earth around me, often finding as many ways as I can to bring yoga and nature together. Finding the most grounding place to be outside. I am so filled with gratitude for all I come across on this beautiful journey and all that has lead me to it thus far. Continuing to change, expand, grow. While facilitating that for others. 

Jade Teaches Hatha Yoga Fridays at 10 AM, Restorative Yoga on Fridays at 4:15 PM, & Fiery Flow on Sundays at 8:15 AM


Hatha Yoga:

This is an uplifting and full bodied class, taking us back into our bodies and into the present moment. This class is helpful in clearing our minds, realigning ourselves, and deepening our spiritual practice. We will focus on connecting breath and movement, and awakening our creative flow. This class is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned yogis.


Restorative Yoga:

This class is the antidote to our stress-filled, fast-paced lives. Let yourself melt into healing. Still, your mind, soothe your nervous system, pamper your immune system, cheer up your day, even lose weight by lowering your cortisol levels. Leave feeling happier and more relaxed.

Fiery Flow:

This Fiery Vinyasa class is meant to build heat within the body and flow through sequences quickly, while still holding and breathing through some more difficult postures. All are welcome to this class, though it may be helpful to already have a home practice and some yoga experience. We will be given multiple options and freedom to play with our practice. Practicing acceptance for where we are at and working towards furthering and deepening our practice. Releasing endorphins and moving all stagnant energy through our body. Leaving the class feeling utterly blissed out and ready for the day ahead.