Introduction to Marconics

Saturdays at 11 am


MarMarconicsPicconics is a new frequency available to mankind which comes from the Great Central Sun, home of the Creator. This frequency is shining down with great Love and Compassion for those Hu-man beings incarnate on the planet today. It is here to lighten the body, increase vibrational frequencies, reconnect the filaments of light that are your divine blueprint and light the way—the path—the portal home to the Creator.

Message from Archangel Metatron…
“Trust in this. It is time to raise your vibration. Time to let go of expectations in the 3D form. For the Light of the One is so magnificent, it cannot just be expected to be seen or demanded in one particular form. 
One way that it works through the human vessel is through the healing resonance. Pulsation through the hands, warmth, tingling, deep love emanating from the healer to the form. Just one way that the healing resonance shows itself to us in physical 3D formation. Tangible light of the One, brought to human hands. The divine light of the Christ Consciousness. 
So no demands, no expectation. Be open to the magnificence of many forms of connection, sound, healing, light, heat, vibration, synchronicity and so much more. Nature brings us many connections so be always with eyes open to the beauty that surrounds you, the omnipresent, endless divine beauty of the One.” 

Please join us for a free group discussion about these frequencies. What have you experienced? How can we support our Mother Earth–the Blue Jewel of the Galaxy— as she ascends into the 5th dimension? Who are you in relation to this grand event? How can you prepare? What is your gift? It’s time to awaken and gift you in service to the One.

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