Zenergie Yoga & Ayurveda + Zen Union

Christie Rochette

I am an accredited Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, a 500 + hour certified Yoga Instructor, a trained Childlight Kids Yoga Teacher, as well as a qualified Human Behavioral Consultant. My main focus is on living a preventative lifestyle with healing modalities from holistic health approaches, including both Yoga and Ayurveda, amongst other therapeutic methods, such as Aromatherapy. I have a natural desire to help others. I enjoy sharing my passion with those who are interested in empowering themselves by reclaiming their own individual health.

Zenergie Yoga & Ayurveda

Zenergie blends Yoga and Ayurveda together to work in tandem with each other to bring us further towards our natural state of balance, while moving us away from imbalance, which is the root cause of disease. Ayurveda is one of the oldest known medical sciences, which literally translates into “life knowledge.” It helps us to rediscover our own elemental nature, as well as to assist us in understanding how to work with it, rather than against it, in order to achieve homeostasis. Although many people have recently become familiar with Yoga, there are not as many people that know about its’ “sister science”, Ayurveda. Ayurveda addresses the holistic mental and physical health of the individual, while Yoga relies on this foundation to move into the heart of the matter; our spiritual well-being.

Contact: (603)-341-4504 + [email protected]

Services: Private Ayurveda Consultations, Private Yoga Sessions, Bridal Coaching Program… Thai Yoga Bodywork coming soon!

Websites: www.ZenergieYoga.com & www.ZenUnion.co

Our Services:

Private Ayurveda ~

*Ayurvedic Initial Consultation
30 minutes – $30.00

*Ayurvedic Full Consultation
1 hour – $60.00

Private Yoga ~

*Individual Yoga Session
1 hour – $60.00

*Couple Yoga Session
1 hour – $80.00 ($40.00/each)

*Singles Yoga Session
1 hour + 30 minutes – $90.00

*Doubles Yoga Session
1 hour + 30 minutes – $120.00 ($60.00/each)

*Group Yoga Session
1 hour – $90.00 + ($30.00/each for 3 or more people)

Thai Yoga Bodywork ~

*Coming soon! Stay tuned.