Healing with the Chakras with Chelsea Latham


Wednesday May 28th 6-7:30pm  $25


There are seven energy points that run the length of the spine called chakras. Moving beyond common knowledge of colors and sounds, each chakra correlates to different mental, emotion and physical systems and symptoms giving you key clues to how your mind, body and spirit work together in unison. In deepening your knowledge of the chakras and understanding the mental and emotional underpinnings of physical ailments you can gain the ability to balance, heal and control your life. You can better understand how our actions and lifestyles have certain reactions mental and emotional reactions that, if left unchecked, become restrictive blockages.




Connect emotional and mental experiences with the respective physical symptoms to not only heal but also create new strengths and opportunities in your life. With further understanding the chakras can serve as a guide to create the balance you need to foster a successful life. Learn how to tap into your own inner guide and intuition, manifest your passions & desires, ground yourself, create goals, take action, find your voice, learn to love and connect with your own divinity.