Healing Autoimmune Disease 

Ted Verplanck

Wednesday, May 13

6 pm; 90 min


CTedurrently, more than 140 diseases are classified as autoimmune disorders. Some of the common diagnoses include Hepatitis, Celiac Disease, Diabetes, IBS, Anemia, Psoriasis, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and many more. If you are one of the estimated 24 million Americans with an autoimmune disorder, your immune system can’t tell the difference between healthy body tissue and harmful substances in the blood. The result is an immune response that destroys normal body tissues.
Are you ready to turn that all around? Strengthening and boosting your immune system is the natural way to restore your body to its original healthy state. This workshop will show you simple techniques that take only a few minutes a day. These proven techniques will rapidly shift the energies in your body, enhancing your health, and boosting your vitality. Balancing your energies optimizes your body’s chemistry and regulates your hormones. Energy Medicine can be used to overcome illness and keep you strong and resilient.