Enjoyment for everyone is our goal! Our class begins with some brief centering and intention-setting, followed by a series of asanas for stretching and just getting things moving! We then flow through fun postures with a focus on alignment, breath, and above all, feeling fantastic. Class often culminates in a more challenging sequence, or with time devoted to working toward more advanced postures. As an all-levels class, any challenges we take on are done in a playful, lighthearted, and no-pressure atmosphere where we see how much we can learn…and what incredible benefits we can gain from our practice, in mind, body, and spirit! Tempo and level of vigor are determined at each class based on student energy and feedback. Requests for favorite postures or areas of focus are always encouraged and granted. We usually move through our class to music with a bit more upbeat dance rhythm than what might be considered traditional…but sometimes we enjoy that, too! Listen to your body. Connect with your breath. Clear your mind. Uplift your spirit! Then bask in your Savasana glow.