cleanse.jpcleansw2Conscious Cleansing with Heather Chase & Chelsea Latham


April 23 – May 14


Wednesdays at 5:30






Join Heather and Chelsea, health and wellness instructors for four weeks of cleanse and rejuvenation to the body, mind & spirit. We will help you to build a dietary cleanse that is comfortable for you and your lifestyle, with as much structure (or freedom) as you desire. A successful cleanse includes a cleansing diet but also supportive lifestyle, self-care rituals and activities so that each week we will host different activities and exercises. Often as you begin to clarify your physical body, your mental & emotional bodies begin to open up and require consideration as well. Each week we will provide you with nutritional & lifestyle suggestions, share recipes and present you with daily mantras for your consideration.




What’s included?


  • ·         Four weekly group meetings for further education and sharing
  • ·         Assistance in creating your personalized cleanse
  • ·         Recipes & other informative handouts
  • ·         Weekly guidance and support on the progression of your cleanse
  • ·         Information on healthy cleansing and diets
  • ·         Information on supportive herbs and supplements
  • ·         Weekly lifestyle discussion to support your cleanse
  • ·         Daily “mantras” for inspiration and consideration
  • ·         “Daily Ritual Schedule” with supportive self care suggestions
  • ·         Your own journal
  • ·         4 free juices
  • ·         4 free yoga vouchers




Each class we will:


  • ·         Begin with 15 minutes of yoga to reconnect and focus
  • ·         Share new diet and cleanse information to prepare you for the upcoming week
  • ·         Share ideas on lifestyle and personal development to assist you in the mental, spiritual, emotional aspects of the cleanse
  • ·         Group Share: questions, concerns, recipes, experiences & other thoughts
  • ·         End with 10 – 15 minutes of meditation