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Beginner’s Tarot Class with Gretchen Davidson

Beginner’s Tarot Class with Gretchen Davidson
Thursdays, May 31st, June 7th, & June 14th
6 PM – 8 PM
$20 a class & $55 for all three classes
Learn how to decipher the hidden energies at play in all areas of your life: career, relationships, family, and finances using the tarot. This class provides an introduction to tarot theory and to using the tarot for divination and personal development. The tarot is a naturally intuitive tool, so this class will also support you in developing your intuitive capacities. After completing this course you will be able to read tarot for yourself; helping you unlock a deeper level of self-knowledge and understanding that can benefit your everyday life in very concrete ways.
Class 1: The Major Arcana
Class 2: The Minor Arcana
Class 3: Court Cards and Basic Spreads
Gretchen Davidson, LICSW is an intuitive psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and tarot card reader in the Mount Washington Valley. She is passionate about helping people work through past challenges and open to their divine purpose. Gretchen has a Master’s in Social Work from Smith College. You can learn more about her and her practice by visiting www.gretchendavidson.com.
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Empowerment for Women Yoga Part II

Empowerment for Women Yoga Workshop with Rebecca Klementovich Part II
Saturday, June 2nd, 1 PM – 3 PM

This is a two-hour workshop using restorative stretching and breathe work to relax the body. You will also learn some new skills by calming the “Monkey Mind,” and keeping cool in
challenging situations. How can chanting and opening up meridians line help keep us strong? To see that change outside a change inside has to happen.

Cost ~ $25

Please call 603-356-6068 to sign up or stop by the Local Grocer front desk!

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with Kellyann Linehan

This Life-Changing Workshop will Cultivate Confidence, Wisdom & More Sustained Joy!

Increase Willpower, Knowledge & Self Awareness…

Sunday, June 3rd, 1 PM – 3 PM ~$30

Yoga’s 8 limb Path to a healthy, wise, joyful, & confident you…..

What’s your WQ?

Will Quotient? Everything we need to know is already within us, we just need help unpacking……

You will learn about Yoga’s effective tools tapping into your innate wisdom through “Insightful Perception” & Ageless Effective Tools.

You have great power, the Mind is a habit making machine that you can control. Yoga’s ancient philosophies is a system of self-care, a spiritual psychology whose aim is to improve the human condition by transforming the mind…….making the unconscious, conscious

The Body is intelligent and knows exactly what it requires for optimal health from moment to moment. Remember, our bodies are brilliant and give us guidance; we just need to know what to ask and listen. Sustainability will help you maintain your happiness, you can decide, commit & act consistently.

Your Spirit is supernatural. It’s eternal and it’s individual consciousness is inside YOU and all living things! It’s that burning desire! That fire that drives you towards knowing your true self. It’s what puts a sparkle in your eye. Rumi said, “ What You Are Seeking, is Seeking You”.

Let’s Seek…………

Please Call 603-356-6068 or Stop by the Local Grocer Front Desk to Sign Up!


Sound Healing Journeywork with Ben Carroll

Sound Healing Journeywork

with Ben Carroll


Experience Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll

May 19th, 6 PM – 8 PM

Tickets $30 in advance $35 at the door // Space is limited

Please contact The Local Grocer at 603-356-6068 x5 or stop in at the front desk to sign up!

Sometimes it’s hard to get down past our own busy minds. Journeying with sound is an invaluable tool to help us LET GO and slip down past that chatter. In this sound healing journey guided by former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll, we will utilize the sounds of singing bowls, voice, solfeggio tubes, and various other sound tools to journey deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnecting with our higher self and to strengthen our own intuition and inner knowing. We will utilize the energy of the group coming together to hold this intention to amplify our results and leave you feeling charged for days.

Sound Journeying is a very powerful medium. It is a tuning for the body, mind, and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind and into a much deeper meditative state than what meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much HEALING & RELEASING can occur, allowing for states of bliss & ecstasy to permeate our being. From this state of mind, it’s much easier to find our spiritual center, to reconnect to our own intuition, and to tap into higher states of consciousness.

We will start the evening with some simple group toning to activate our group energy, next we will set our intention which is always important when doing any energy work, and then we will move into the experience of the sound journey for approximately 80-90 minutes.

** We recommend that you dress comfy. Please bring water, bring a journal, and bring whatever you will be comfortable lying down on for an extended period of time such as pillows, a blanket, or cushions. The studio will provide you with a yoga mat, but please feel free to bring your own. You’ll want to be as relaxed as possible during this two-hour sonic experience


“…Ben Carroll’s sound journeys are unlike any other I have ever experienced! Playing his crystal bowls prepares and tunes the body and then his voice guides you gently and powerfully into other dimensions…”

“… Imagine sounds, chanting, music, reverberation, bringing you to a primordial sense of consciousness beyond light and dark to just what is, pure being. This was my personal experience….”

“…Ben Carroll isn’t just another sound healer- he creates an exceptional experience with sound. Ben’s talents for working with sound and vibration include using his astounding voice, adding a multi-dimensional, other-worldly layer to the tones of his work. I felt lifted up into other realms that I can only describe as angelic, and cosmic….”

“…Feeling the reverberations of the tones was a sensation unlike any I’ve experienced. It really seeped into my bones and cells, and allowed me to move in and out of states of consciousness, opening up to messages and guidance…”

“…The group came together mostly unfamiliar and left with a feeling of community, united by sacred sound – in deep reverence…”

“…I was maybe even a little bit skeptical- but the experience blew my mind! It was a cathartic experience- felt like all of my senses were washed clean and within the next couple of days, some profound energetic and emotional shifts took place…”

View full testimonials here: http://www.innerselfsustained.com/testimonials/




Lisa Holcomb, M.Ed., Advanced Reiki Master Teacher and Conscious Dance Facilitator


Level I Certification

Saturday, April 21st, 10 AM – 5 PM

Level II Certification

Saturday, April 28th, 10 AM – 5 PM


by April 18th for Level I
by April 25th for Level II

LEVEL I $199 / LEVEL II $299

SAVE! SIGN UP for LEVEL I & II TOGETHER $458 (Save $40! Value $498)

This REIKI course is for those who not only wish to learn the natural art of Usui Shiki Ryoho – Usui Traditional Method of Natural Healing, but want to expand their daily meditative practices that clear, balance and magnify body, mind and emotion frequencies. Reiki Master Teacher Lisa Holcomb, M.Ed. integrates Usui’s principals and treatment protocols with outdoor and movement based methods that enhance and strengthen your understanding of this organic practice with yourself, others, animals, and nature. Whether you want to learn Reiki to enhance your profession or adopt it as a private life practice, you will step into a higher vibration study that will help uncover your own creative and healing intelligence that guides you. Intuition is amplified as self-inquiry skills are practiced creating new habit forming behaviors. Old stories and ways of being can melt away as new ones surface, allowing the student to set a new and freeing foundation. Universal Life Force has no choice to move just thinking on a seed of intention!

EACH COURSE INCLUDES: Usui Lessons (below), Solo-Soul Guided Reiki

Practice, Teacher Meeting (1hr meeting date after 21 days) and workbook. PLAN to spend part of the day outdoors after lunch (weather permitting).

REIKI LEVEL I focuses on the power of intention, life principles, history, protocols for self and other treatments, chakra knowledge, and awareness. Emody Reiki self-inquiry lessons. Receive Level I – Attunement and Certificate.

REIKI LEVEL II (PRE-REQUISITE: REIKI I certification required, from any certified Reiki Master, please bring the day of class). This class offers a brief review of Reiki Level I and then focuses on the Reiki Sanskrit Symbols and how to apply them during treatments. Three symbols studied are for: distance healing, emotional healing and universal key for physical and spiritual healing. Mantras and meanings will be taught. Receive Level II – Attunement and Certificate.

WHY DO 21-DAY PRACTICE? 21 days after your attunement, your body will work to energetically cleanse on all levels: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. It will help you become familiar and comfortable with your power before offering it. Self Healing is about releasing the weight of emotional burdens and to regain energetic equilibrium and lightness thru awareness.

LISA HOLCOMB, M.Ed believes in the invaluable lessons found in nature’s silence. She holds her Master’s of Education in Character Development through Movement Healing Arts and Outdoor Programs from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA. Lisa has worked as an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, since 2002, trained at The Center for Inner Peace in Rochester, NY, and Boston, MA. Certified as an Intuitive JourneyDanceTM Facilitator from Kripalu Yoga Center and Omega Institute for Wellness.


LEVEL I $199 / LEVEL II $299

SAVE! SIGN UP for LEVEL I & II TOGETHER $458 (Save $40! Value $498)

Includes: Usui Lessons, 21 Day Solo-Soul Guided Practice, Workbook, Teacher Meeting (1hr date pending),.

Bring: Special Reiki Journal and water bottle.

Wear: comfortable clothes and walking shoes. NOTE: REIKI II students bring: Reiki I Certificate and learning materials.

© 2002 Reiki Certification with Advanced Study All Rights Reserved by, Lisa Holcomb, M.Ed., ARMT Reflective Arts & Wellness / 603-447-3443 / www.reflectiveartscenter.com

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Soulflower Oracle 101

Soulflower Oracle 101 with Lisa Estabrook
May 6th, 3 PM -4:30 PM ~$20

You love the flowers, and they love you back! Every flower has a special healing message for those that are willing to listen. Join Lisa Estabrook, artist and plant whisperer, for a fun introduction to the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck. Featuring 44 plants that grow in her Maine gardens. Lisa will introduce you to a whole new way of looking at the natural world around us and using the oracle cards as a way to facilitate self-reflection, healing, and personal growth.

About me: Soulflower is my heART-based business with products that I hope will support and inspire a connection to ourselves and our planet through the power of art and flowers. Flower Power! As we learn more about ourselves, as we come home to our personal truths, as we empower ourselves, the effects not only ripple out through our personal lives but also extend to our families, our communities and ultimately to the Earth herself. What I love about my Soulflower business is that it is an external manifestation of my inner spiritual work and growth. It is my heARTs work. I am sharing my journey as I learn and grow along with nature. As my understanding of the flowers, and the interconnectivity of all of nature deepens, so does my understanding of myself. Understanding myself is empowerment. My logo is a Dandelion seed, as it is my wish to sow seeds of empowerment. Through my art, my words, my actions, I hope to inspire and empower others to realize the power of their own hearts to lead their way.

Please Call 603-356-6068 or Stop by The Local Grocer Front Desk to Sign Up!



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IET® Workshops with Linda Huitt Pathway Of Joy

IET® Workshops with Linda Huitt, Pathway Of Joy

SATURDAY, MAY 19TH, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
SUNDAY, MAY 20TH, 10 AM – 5 PM

Basic IET Training
Saturday, May 19th, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM $195 (Early Bird $180)*
Become a certified practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy®
IET® is powerful energy healing technique that safely supports your client in releasing trauma, stress, and limiting beliefs/patterns affecting their health, energy level, and general well-being.  The techniques also imprint your client with empowerment energies.
Three levels of training and attunement are offered.  After just this first class (Basic level) you will be able to conduct both in-person and distant sessions for your clients, friends, and yourself.

In this class you will:
♥ Learn IET terminology, energy anatomy, and Basic level techniques.
♥ Receive an attunement.
♥ Both give and receive a full session.

Meet the Angels!
Sunday, May 20th, 10 AM – 5 PM $111 (Early Bird $99)*
Heal and Empower yourself with the energy of Angels.  
This workshop is perfect for those who love angels!  You will learn the special healing gift that each of nine Healing Angels brings and how this relates specifically to your life.  You will also learn a special prayer of invitation to call upon each angel.
Everyone from Angel novice to expert can benefit from this workshop.
Energetically connect with each of these Angels, in alignment with your intentions.
♥ Learn how these Angels can help in your personal journey
♥ Add an angelic dimension to your existing practice

Each class includes:
Workbook and certificate, Light snacks, Individual learning in a supportive group environment

IET Unified Program – Both Classes $285 (Early Bird $270)*
*Early Bird pricing: Register at least 2 weeks before class for a discounted fee!
©️2018 Linda Anzelc Huitt

Please call 603-356-6068 to sign up or stop by The Local Grocer Desk!


Crystal Bowl Reflections

Crystal Bowl Reflections with Marci Starr Brennan
Saturday, April 28th
6 PM – 7:30 PM, $15.00

“Know Thyself” was written over the doorways of the ancient mystery temples.

Sit back, relax and enjoy quantum relaxation as you listen to the crystal singing bowls. These vibrations soothe and balance your nervous system helping release stress and anxiety. It’s like receiving a massage at a cellular level, you will feel light and peaceful.

Be Present…Be Now…Be Alive!

Crystal singing bowls have an extraordinary sound and help you to really relax and get in the zone of all possibilities! Sound therapy is a primordial way to feel good instantly that lasts. These vibrations will resonate with every cell in your body to help you achieve a new level of awareness that enriches your world and makes you feel better!

Marci Starr Brennan is a Master Sound Artist having been in the healing arts for 25 years. Playing Crystal Singing Bowls is her favorite pastime as well as Tibetan Bowls, drums, gongs, and tuning forks. Playing intuitively, she weaves the sounds together seamlessly, creating a healing cocoon of vibrations that embrace your soul.

Please call 603-356-6068 to sign up or stop by The Local Grocer front desk!


Bliss Yoga with Anjali Rose

Bliss Yoga with Anjali Rose

Sundays, March 25th, April 15, May 20th
3 PM to 4:30 PM

Reiki infused Restorative Yoga, Singing Crystal Bowls and Aromatherapy. Join us for this blissful experience as your body, mind, and spirit reconnect through gentle asanas, sound, and energy healing. This blissful practice brings in the elements of earth, air, fire and water igniting the senses while restoring the body to homeostasis.
No experience is necessary. Bring your breath, your body, and we’ll take care of the rest. Restore, relax and rejuvenate.

Cost ~$20

Please Call 603-356-6068 to Sign Up or Stop by the Local Grocer Front Desk!

Anjali Rose began practicing yoga over 15 years ago, loving the awareness and simplicity of the practice, she followed her heart to become certified as a 200 hr Rasamaya Yoga Teacher through Rasamaya Yoga in 2015. She has also studied with Childlight Yoga receiving certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instruction. Some of her teachers include Carrie Tyler, Amy Figoli, and Tias Little. In addition, to practicing and teaching yoga, she has immersed herself in mindfulness and the philosophical aspects of yoga, sharing this knowledge with her students.

Combining the practice of yoga with her studies of Reiki energy work, aromatherapy and healing touch embrace the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole self. A passionate teacher and facilitator, she guides her students to their fullest potential while adding an element of fun, compassion, and nurturance. After years of teaching in higher ed, she now teaches community yoga at various studios as well as workshops and special events.

A resident of the Mount Washington Valley for over 10 years, she is a vibrant community member, volunteering in the local schools and hospital.

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Sense of Peace Yoga

Sense of Peace Yoga a FREE Community Yoga Class for People Living with Cancer

The Second, Monday of Every Month, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
April 9th, May 14th
Be Well Studios at the Local Grocer
with Daphne Miner LeMay, 200 RYT, Thai Bodywork, Reiki Master

Offering a safe and nurturing yoga class for people living with cancer by combining breathing, relaxation, meditation, and yoga poses. Yoga postures ask you to hold still and be aware of your body. Breathing and meditation can break down that distance from ourselves and bring us into close contact with our sensations and feelings.

Get in touch with your body, help relieve stress and have a good time in a supported group. Yoga can help you change your relationship to your cancer healing. Help manage depression, fear, and anxiety. Help manage physical pain. This class may restore some joint range of motion and help to allow you to focus on healing.

Please arrive in loose, comfortable clothing with your water bottle.