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QiGong for Beginners with Jen Deraspe

QiGong for Beginners with Jen Deraspe
Fridays, February 2nd – February 23rd
4 PM – 5:15 PM
Cost $15
Drop-ins welcome

A gentle and enlivening introduction to Qi Gong~
Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art designed to enhance one’s capacity to work effectively with life-force energy, known as Qi. Practice activating your Qi, purging and purifying blocked energy, tonifying internal power, as well as gentle stretching & slow flowing movements. Experience how Qi Gong teaches us how to move with relaxed ease and internal power.

Facilitator: Jen Deraspe has been leading retreats and sharing the healing arts since 1999. She is passionate about each person finding their healing potential and offers opportunities to do that in an authentic and effective way. She is currently getting her Qi Gong teaching certification through Santa Cruz’s Lee Holden Qi Gong.

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Begin this workshop with a centering, followed by a mindful yoga flow that will open, ground and expand your body, mind, and soul with the intention to balance all seven chakras. A foot oil self-massage, a guided meditation and hands-off Reiki healing and breath work that helps to balance the yin/yang will finish this offering.

For the Reiki, you will be laying down using blankets and bolsters. There are only eight spaces available to ensure a comfortable and healing atmosphere.

Reserving your space is required to hold an event. Minimum 4 to offer.

Please signup at TLG front desk by noon, Thursday, Jan. 25. Drop-ins allowed if space permits the day of the event.

$45/ Drop in/ if space is available

$35/ prepay those without a BWS card

$25/ prepay, BWS card holder


Two Hour Yoga Class with Abstract Art and Chanting

Two Hour Yoga Class with Abstract Art and Chanting
Sunday, February 4th, 1 PM – 3 PM

Enjoy the experience of abstract art while you do light yoga. The Studio will have five-foot abstract paintings, supplied by Rebecca Klementovich, Co-founder of the Femme Fatales of the North. Perhaps in such a relaxed state, you will see art in a new way. After yoga class, we will do a deep relaxation with the gong and sounds from the Tibetan bowl. Meditation is optional. We hope to bring a unique experience of art and yoga to the valley. Rebecca will stay and answer any questions at the end of class.


Please call 603-356-6068 to register or stop by the front desk!

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Sound Healing Journeywork with Ben Carroll

Sound Healing Journeywork with Ben Carroll

Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 6 PM – 8 PM

Tickets $30 in advance $35 at the door // Space is limited
Please contact The Local Grocer at 603-356-6068 x5 or stop in at the front desk to sign up!

Experience Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll

Sometimes it’s hard to get down past our own busy minds. Journeying with sound is an invaluable tool to help us LET GO and slip down past that chatter. In this sound healing journey guided by former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll, we will utilize the sounds of singing bowls, voice, solfeggio tubes, and various other sound tools to journey deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnecting with our higher self and to strengthen our own intuition and inner knowing. We will utilize the energy of the group coming together to hold this intention to amplify our results and leave you feeling charged for days.

Sound Journeying is a very powerful medium. It is a tuning for the body, mind, and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind and into a much deeper meditative state than what meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much HEALING & RELEASING can occur, allowing for states of bliss & ecstasy to permeate our being. From this state of mind, it’s much easier to find our spiritual center, to reconnect to our own intuition, and to tap into higher states of consciousness.

We will start the evening with some simple group toning to activate our group energy, next we will set our intention which is always important when doing any energy work, and then we will move into the experience of the sound journey for approximately 1 hour.

** We recommend that you dress comfy. Please bring water, bring a journal, and bring whatever you will be comfortable lying down on for an extended period of time such as pillows, a blanket, or cushions. The studio will provide you with a yoga mat, but please feel free to bring your own. You’ll want to be as relaxed as possible during this two-hour sonic experience

Tickets $30 in advance $35 at the door // Space is limited
Please contact The Local Grocer at 603-356-6068 x5 or stop in at the front desk to sign up!

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QiGong Series Guided by Diane Johnson

QiGong Series Guided by Diane Johnson

January 11th – February 1st
4 PM – 5:30 PM


What is Qigong?
Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of movement, meditation and sound healing which is designed to activate the energy of the body for health, happiness, and healing.

Learn the foundational practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Awaken Vitality Method is a powerful healing technology, beneficial for all types of conditions. Its simple movements, encoded with thousands of years of accumulated Qigong wisdom, have been carefully designed to bring practitioners into their optimum state of balance and harmony. The method involves exercises in gentle movement, visualization, sound (to energize the organs in the body) and meditation.

A series of 4 to 8 classes will teach you how to connect to the Chi Field (the energy field), learn the movements of the Awaken Vitality Practice (5 segments), Sound Healing and meditative practices. Awaken Vitality Practice is a beginning practice which opens the joints, deep tissues, the spine, shoulders, hips and vitalizes entire skeletal system; which in turn affects every system in our body. This technology re-patterns the physical, emotional and mental/spiritual energy bringing forth natural states of happiness, openness, optimum health.

Classes are offered by Diane Johnson who is a certified teacher.

Diane Johnson is an enthusiastic practitioner who is passionate about the integrative healing of the mind, body, and spirit.  She is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the Mt. Washington Valley since 1998.  Through her practice and daily life, she has studied the intimate connections between the mind, emotions, and the body. Diane strives to be a model for health and healing and is committed to the process of self-exploration and self-development. She has established a reputation for creating an accepting environment with an approach that is sensitive, respectful, and empowering.   Diane loves the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, and cross-country skiing with friends. She loves her pets and is an avid gardener.

 Diane teaches classes in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and has recently been certified to teach Wisdom Healing Qigong.  Classes in Qigong are now being offered in 4 to 8-week blocks in several locations. 

For more information: [email protected] 603-986-9722


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Benefits of Hatha Yoga Stretch

Benefits of Hatha Yoga Stretch
Offered 8:15 am each Monday/Be Well Studios

There are plenty of unhealthy, thin or very athletic people who are living on processed, GMO body-building supplements and others who might be considered over-weight (large boned ? ) who drink raw milk, eat all organic and practice yoga. In many cases, size is not an indicator of health, but rather your mindset plus how many prescription and over the counter drugs you take.

This is where yoga and stretching come into play. How? Because these exercises challenge you to think about what you are doing and the benefits spill over into many areas of your life. I realize there are plenty of you out there who think intentionally while you are running on the machines, but it’s too easy to zone out or tune into the news or whatever is on the tv rather than noticing your thoughts.  Yoga and stretching are mind-body exercises because they take thought and intention. Yoga and stretching are not just about moving the body, which they do, but they have many other advantages.

What is the difference between the two?  Stretching is simply that, stretching. It’s pretty much body movement, kinesiology and lengthening the body. Yoga involves stretching, but also strength, balance and often yogic philosophy. The word yoga means union, and often the practice of yoga encourages you to form a union with whoever or whatever you desire. These are very simplistic definitions for the sake of saving space, all two practices help you become more flexible and increase your range of motion. Regardless of how you practice stretching, you’ll benefit in many ways:
• More flexibility: In the body as your muscles and ligaments lengthen, and in mind as you practice patience to achieve that length in your muscles. Building patience through stretching can help you become comfortable with stillness in your mind and body.

• Ability to manage stress:  Often we are so busy in life we don’t take time to reflect on our day and take time to understand how we are responding to daily activities or illness. Stress can be caused by many things. When you take time to slow down, stretch and become familiar with your body and mind it gives you the space to process how you are feeling and how you might be responding to any circumstances. Stretching your muscles creates a controlled kind of stress on the body when your brain identifies how to deal with this controlled stress, it teaches you skills to deal with everyday stress so you’re better prepared. This includes stress from pain, stretching in a controlled manner will help you deal with chronic pain. Often stretching can alleviate pain if it is rooted in muscles or joints that are stiff.

• Clearer thinking:  The busy-ness of life can be an obstacle to keeping healthy perspectives and actually seeing the truth. When you clear away the clutter from schedules, work and relationships it is easier to understand what your priorities are, what you can do in situations, and what you should let go of.

• Pain Management: Controlled stretching helps your mind and body deal with stress, which pain creates. Often, just moving the body helps you realize where your pain is coming from and discovering movements that can alleviate that pain. I always encourage my students to explore movements rather than just striking a pose and holding it one way. Pain management improves when you learn breathing exercises and specific stretches to ease tension in the whole body.

• Improved body awareness:  Life is busy and often our self-awareness is one of the first things we neglect. Whether it’s feelings of hunger, fatigue or pain, ignoring your body’s signals that something is wrong can become a chronic habit until something major happens. Stretching gives you the time and space to tune into your body and realize how you are feeling physically and emotionally. One of the most important elements to helping this happen is to do stretching in a relaxing environment away from any distractions that will keep you from focusing on what you are doing.

• Better sleep: When your body is tense and muscles tight, it can keep you from relaxing at night to sleep. Many of us carry tightness in our muscles without realizing it. The shoulders, back, and belly are the main areas most people carry stress. Simple stretching can help release that tension and help ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

• You’re less likely to get injured:  Bodies that don’t bend break. As people get older, their muscles and ligaments often get tight making it more likely they will break some bones if they fall.

• Make you happier overall:  Scientists have found that exercising only 7 minutes a day can help you feel better, lessening your chances of suffering from depression. Yes, stretching is exercising.

• Lose weight:  Stretching helps all your body systems work more efficiently. It increases circulation, gets fresh oxygen to your muscles, brain and all body systems. Your body can eliminate toxins more easily and often that results in lost weight. Weight loss with stretching is often a nice side effect of managing stress, breathing better and stretching.

• Improved balance and posture:  As your muscles become more limber, it helps your body to balance. Stretching helps you to free up areas in the body that are rigid, it is these imbalances that make our posture out of alignment. When you stretch and free up areas of tightness, it allows your body to become more symmetrical and you’ll see almost instant improvement in your posture.

What do you find is the biggest challenge in doing more stretching? Time? Instruction? Unsure how to begin? Join me at 8:15 am, Mondays at Be Well Studios. This class is for everybody, no yoga experience needed.

Daphne Miner LeMay/Balance/ DaphneBalance.com
300 RYT, Reiki I, II, III, Master & Teacher, Cert. Thai Yoga Bodywork, Cert. Children Yoga, Cert. Personal Trainer, Ayurveda Therapy


TLG Raising Consciousness Book Club

The Local Grocer – Raising Consciousness Book Club

First Wednesday of the Month, 6:00 pm

Fostering a safe place to discuss, explore, grow and expand our consciousness.


Lead by Leah Mason and Kim Johnson

Join us for TLG’s Raising Consciousness Book Club. We will choose a different book every month and come together the first Wednesday of each month for a lively and educational discussion about the book. Books will be for sale at The Local Grocer for the following month’s book club. Regular attendees will contribute to the choice of books.

Upcoming Dates:

December 6th at 6 PM

Share a recent book you have enjoyed.

Also a book you have given as a gift or think would be a great gift. The holiday season will be coming soon enough! It could be a gift book for a child, teen or adult. Bring your suggestions!

Guidelines and Expectations:
To make an effort to come to the book group each month
To connect with the facilitator if you cannot make it
To read the book every month
To respect confidentiality ~ what gets said here stays here
To be respectful of others’ thoughts and opinions
To be supportive
To share and to listen with respect to others’ beliefs and honor their path
To grow consciously as a group and individually

Call or text Kim (603-986-6896) or Leah (207-418-6099) letting us know if you are able to attend!




Spring Renewal!

Spring into Spring with a Revitalizing Juice and Soup Cleanse for Body and Soul
The creative chefs at the Local Grocer have come up with a Spring Renewal Program that will help you lighten up your diet AND keep your metabolism going, while enjoying healthy and nutritious soups and fresh-pressed organic juices prepared especially for you!

Each day we will provide:

  1. Delicious fresh-pressed organic juice designed to aid in digestion, boost your immune system, and help rid your body of inflammation.
  2. Soups (choice of bone-broth based paleo or vegan) made with thoughtfully prepared organic ingredients that not only taste amazing, but are packed with minerals and nutrients to support your overall health.

These will be available for pick-up daily at The Local Grocer Cafe. You may also choose to pick up multiple days of soup and juice at one time (up to 3 days’ worth at one time) with advanced notice. If you choose to do this you may be limiting your selection of soup choices. Please be aware that juices are recommended to be drunk within 3-72 hours for optimum nutrition and enzyme and antioxidant content. The fresher the juice, the higher the enzyme and antioxidant content.

At the beginning of your cleanse you will receive a bag of organic herbalist-formulated cleansing tea for you to make at home daily. The Enhanced Package includes free yoga and meditation passes and other Self-Care Aids. See details on the following page.

The Basics   99$   ($120 value)

This 7-day program includes:

  1. A 4 oz. bag of our herbalist formulated organic cleansing tea and instructions to brew at home
  2. One pint of our Organic Fresh Pressed Juice of the Day
  3. One bowl of Nourishing Cleansing Soup. Choose between the following:
    1. gluten free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free Paleo bone broth-based
    2. GF Vegan (also dairy and egg free)


This program is perfect for those looking for a ready-made healthy dinner (or other meal) and snack replacement to help you make positive dietary changes.



The Full Package 199$ ($265 value)

This enhanced 7-day program includes:

  1. An 8 oz. bag of our herbalist formulated organic cleansing tea and instructions to brew at home
  2. Two pints of organic fresh pressed juice (juice of the day plus your choice)
  3. Two bowls of your choice of Nourishing Cleansing Soup (gluten free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free Paleo bone broth-based and GF Vegan available)
  4. One free Yoga or Dance pass
  5. One free pass to Meditation group
  6. A week-long Self-Care Journal with specific self-care suggestions and descriptions to help support health lifestyle changes
  7. Healthy Cleansing Recipes to make at home to supplement or continue with your Spring Renewal!