chakra-man-violet-2[1]Chakra Cleansing Yoga & Crystal Bowl Concert

Sunday, August 10

Unfortunately due to some personal matters this event has been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience!

5:30 – 8:00 pm


**5 Person Minimum to run class ** Must Sign Up By Saturday August 9 At 7 pm**

This program begins with a 75 minute yoga class focused around the chakras. Each pose will connect with a different chakra and will be held long enough relax and explore the sensations of the body & mind. Very slow and gentle movements that are ideal for a yogi of any level. We will end with a series of breathing exercises and period of relaxation to help further relax both body and mind and deepen the experience. After a brief break participants get comfortable and we resume the program with 45 minute chakra cleansing crystal bowl concert. Listening to crystal bowls is like receiving a massage at a cellular level. Vibrations come through with exactly what is needed for your highest good.

This program goes full circle first opening the chakras up through the yoga poses, then cleansing and balancing the chakras through the crystal bowl concert. It’s an amazingly therapeutic experience that will leave you feeing both relaxed and energized at the same time!