with Todd Glacy


Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the Truth”. Whenever something increases our experience of the Truth, it opens our heart and quiets our mind. Singing and meditating together are practices which can increase our experience of Truth. 


Join Todd Glacy on a musical journey to the heart of stillness through the singing and chanting of Sacred Songs followed by a gentle gong meditation to help quiet our mind and lead us back to the place of pure awareness where we can “tune in” to the Truth within us all. 

Saturday January 28th

1-3 pm




In this Gentle Flow Yoga class we will gain mind/body awareness in a non competitive environment. Uniting breath (pranayama) with movement (asana), we will work toward gaining lung capacity, functional strength, range of motion in the joints, balance, flexibility, and relaxation. Each class begins with a grounding exercise. From the grounding exercise, we’ll transition into a warm up, a gentle work phase, a standing balance phase, and finally into a cool down with deep stretching/breathing. The most challenging part of your practice will be getting here, but make the time for yourself and discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Brain Body Balance is a class designed to integrate and fine tune the brain/muscle connection or neuromuscular efficiency. The better we are able to have these connections working optimally, the less chance we have of injury. The class is designed around the use of a 1/2 foam roll that I will provide in class. Learn how to better sense limb position and body alignment along with strengthening the core and fine tuning your balance. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat for this hour long mind body connecting and strengthening class.

Earth Flow is a unique class with sequencing based off of the Lunar Phase and Zodiac position for that day. Each Asana has an associated Element. Each Zodiac represents a different element. In pairing the two, you get a very lovely Flow-like class suitable for all levels. If you’re looking to become grounded and stabilized, Earth Flow is just the class for you! Earth Flowers can expect some breath work, connecting in with the mind, body and earth, a warm up phase, gentle work phase and a cooling down phase. Sequencing changes each week as the moon gradually makes its way around the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Jess looks forward to flowing with you through the Earth’s elements, seasons and energies!

In this Detox Yoga class we’ll practice a gentle yet vigorous asana sequence, focusing on cleansing the body of daily toxins. Targeted areas are the heart space, shoulders and deep twists incorporated into hip flexor postures and deep breathing. Specifically formulated to detoxify the body and mind. Studio is heated to 73-76 degrees. This is a flow like practice and is suitable for all levels. Modifications provided.

Warning: Studio will be warm, please be mindful of this before coming to class.
*Twists will be frequent and deep, suited to squeeze out the toxins accumulated in the organs.
* It might be wise to bring water into the studio for during practice, we also provide ice water and Eco friendly cups in the Studio Lobby 🙂

Come FLOW with us under the black lights! This class will be suitable for all levels and is a fun gentle flow, pairing awesome, upbeat music, breath and movement to make a fun, laid back practice. This class is less Zen and Meditative but more Grounding and Fluent! Wear all your favorite yoga gear to glow while you flow! Be prepared to explore Asana in an entirely new way!

Heather invites you to join her on Sunday at noon for a community
free form dance where we will experience movement as medicine, joy, release,
exercise, exploration, and FUN! Heather creates a conscious positive
playlist using current, classic, world, and spiritual music, and creates a
safe, positive space where you will be FREE TO BE and DANCE who you really

Kundalini Yoga classes use movement, breath, sound(mantra) and meditation to help you to relieve your stress, increase your vitality, balance your mind and uplift your spirit. You get a great workout that will increase your flexibility and stamina while also enhancing your concentration and self-awareness. You will find after practicing this kind of yoga, and doing the meditations which involving chanting Sanskrit, you can focus on just about anything. Kundalini Yoga brings you to a level of amazing concentration. You will feel terrific after these classes, as your body begins to work at a stronger level. For some clients a specific breathe work can be recommended to help break blocks in the body. Everyone can do Kundalini Yoga, it has simple body movements.

Ignite a slow burning fire in your core and breathe through long holds in this “Deep Release” class. You’ll work end range of motion, isometric contractions, focused breath, and movement through multiple counter-stretches beginning with light myofascial release techniques. The class is designed to expand or maintain flexibility and mobility while assisting in the development of neuromuscular strength.

Hatha Yoga Stretch is a slow, mindful and playful yoga practice. Less emphasis on flow (but always the breath), this fun, anatomy-conscious class invites students to do familiar, traditional yoga postures in different ways. Students are guided in developing their own unique way to experience Sun Salutations, standing poses, twists, backbends and inversions. Come play and explore, recognizing how moving mindfully can release your body.