Introduction to Nia Dance

Erin Curren

November 7, 5:30 – 6:45 pm

beginnerThis fall Maine-based Black Belt Nia teacher Erin Curren offers a special introduction to Nia to the greater North Conway community. Nia (pronounced ‘’knee-ah’’) is a mindful fitness practice that draws from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts to create a sustainable, non-impact, sensory-based workout that invites all of you to show up (body, mind, emotions and spirit). The emphasis in Nia is on following Your Body’s Way, always choosing pleasure over pain, while increasing one’s awareness and appreciation of The Body’s Way, the natural design and intelligence of the body.

Erin’s classes are suitable for anyone with a desire to move, a willingness to explore with curiosity and be moved by what they discover. Nia is adaptable to all fitness levels and is practiced by all ages. No prior Nia or movement class experience is necessary.

Wear clothing that is suitable for movement, bring water and come prepared to explore!

Saturday, November 7th 2015, 5:30-6:45pm

Introduction to Nia, with Black Belt Nia Teacher Erin Curren

The Dance Arts Influence: Styles of Expression

In this session we will focus on the Dance Arts influence in the Nia Technique: Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance. In addition to a fun and stimulating workout, participants can expect to learn more about the three dance arts that inform the Nia Technique and to deepen their somatic appreciation of the unique qualities of each of these forms during a 60-minute Nia class experience designed around this focus.

RSVP to Erin directly at [email protected] and by sending $15 cash or check to ERIN CURREN, 30 Lincoln St. Unit 113, Westbrook, ME 04092

postmarked by Oct 31st for the November 7th Nia class

or drop in for $20/class without an RSVP. Space is limited to 12.


About Erin:

Erin first discovered Nia in 2008 and has been teaching Nia in the greater Portland, Maine area since the beginning of 2010. Erin has a passion for teaching and helping others connect with their bodies, their hearts and one another. In addition to teaching Nia several times a week, Erin also currently teaches French at Bowdoin College and performs as a part of Portland Playback Theatre. Here’s what some students have said about their Nia class experience with Erin:

“Erin is an excellent Nia instructor. As a Nia enthusiast who has taken classes on both coasts, I can say without question that Erin is one of the most creative, engaging, and supportive Nia teachers I have ever experienced. She encourages her students consistently, she infuses wonderful theatrical elements to her classes, and her choice of routine flow is thoughtful and allows for newbies and seasoned Nia dancers alike to enjoy the class. I leave her classes feeling like a million bucks. Portland is lucky to have her in the Nia community.”  Anita Verna Crofts

“Nia is one of my most precious tools for staying connected to my body and spirit. Erin’s classes are dynamic and fun and always adaptable to my particular mood: if I need to sweat I can sweat and if I need to be gentle there’s always room to move in my body’s own way. Nia is my time to plug in and recharge.”  Bess Welden

“I have found myself a middle aged woman, needing a better relationship with my body. I have never danced, or taken a group class. I took a leap, and signed up for Erin’s Nia class at Basics gym. I found her to be a gifted teacher and guide (…) I felt a playfulness open up inside me…. long buried. Nia has been wonderful for every cell in my body, and an amazing workout.” Deb Hart

“Erin is an inspirational teacher who enthusiastically shares her craft. NIA is a blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts where each individual’s style, fitness level and comfort zone are honored. NIA provides me with an opportunity to creatively express my feelings and  get a fun, stress busting workout in a supportive ‘sacred space.’ “ Suellen Chaplin-Beckett

“I want to thank you for being an amazing blessing in my life through Nia! Your classes have brought me more healing in my body than I could ever express to you! Often when I leave class I feel as though my soul has been touched, my smile a mile wide and my heart sings with joy. I have spent my life hurt and ashamed of my body and for the first time in my entire life I have found joy, love, and appreciation just as I am because of Nia and because of what you bring to Nia. You share a great gift of your love, kindness, playfulness, compassion and wonder through the window of exercise. YOU ERIN, are a miracle! To me your Nia classes are a powerful mix of dance, exercise, love, therapy, spirituality and playfulness. I had no idea this summer when my doctor recommended Nia what an incredible things I would find here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

To contact Erin, email her at [email protected]

For more information, follow these links:

More about Erin:

More about The Nia Technique:

Spirit Song with Ted Kinsman

Saturday, September 26, 7:00 pm

Come join us in singing English and Sanskrit chants that honor the Divine within.

“Ted’s jazzy guitar and unique arrangements make these simple songs a joy for all, from beginner to advanced”.

Donations gratefully accepted and all are welcome. For more information, go to or


This music  has an ancient history that spans many cultures. Nearly all faiths have embraced the singing of prayers in one form or another. Perhaps it is because the awareness that can come from this process is a vehicle to self-realization.

Most of the songs I sing are in a combination of English and the ancient yogic language of Sanskrit. I have found that both languages are wonderful ways of singing and expressing these ancient prayers. They are, of course, referring to the various forms of consciousness that we experience every day, in almost all situations. Sometimes we are compassionate, sometimes we are loving, and often we are kind. Sometimes, however, we might be less than kind, or less than loving, and all these moments provide opportunities to shift into an awareness of the inclination of mind.

When we can see the mind’s inclination, it begins a process of spiritual maturation. Soon, if we are bathed in grace, we may even be able to mitigate the influence of both mind and its minion, ego. If mind and ego are quiet (even for a moment), we can encounter consciousness from a new place. 

Eventually I would like those forms of consciousness to dissolve into unity, but for now the differentiation exists. The dissolution is a process, and prayerful singing can be a vehicle for this transmutation to occur.

Special Visit by Renowned Spiritual Healer Rev. Paul Funfsinn

The WREN Rocque NH, September 9th, 2015
The LOCAL GROCER, North Conway, NH, Thursday, September 10th, 2015

UntitledPadre Paul will be leading a Discussion Group & Spiritual Healing Sessions with hands on healing for all attendees .

All are welcome – Be ready for miracles!

The Discussion & Spiritual Healing Sessions will be 7:00 – 9:30 PM on Thursday, Sept. 10th. Love offering : $20:00

Rev. Paul Funfsinn is the spiritual leader of Celebrating Life Ministries, founded by the late Rev. Ron Roth, which is a non-denominational spiritual healing community. He is a powerful mystic and healer with tremendous gifts of grace including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Paul has modeled a life of pure love, service and devotion. He has traveled to many sacred places, e.g. Brazil’s “John of God” and Medugorje to experience Heaven first hand.

Padre Paul will end the evening group discussion(s) with a healing service. For more information, please call Dr Barbara Christina at 603-986-6774 or email her at: [email protected]

FMI or to register: Contact: Rev. Dr. Barbara Christina, Gorham NH 03581 603 986 6774

Locations: The WREN SHARED SPACE, 117 Main Street, ROUTE 16 N. Berlin, NH, Wednesday, September 9, 2015 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Contact: Annette Nadeau 603 586 7091 or 518 366 1178

The Local Grocer (South 1/2 ml., just past Intervale Scenic Overlook) 3358 White Mt. Highway N. Conway NH 03860
Thursday, September 10, 2015 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Contact: Rev. Dr. Barbara Christina, Gorham NH 603-986-6774