Intuitive Flow & Cacao Ritual for Women

Kerri Maroney

Sunday, March 15

12:30 pm, approximately 3 1/2 hours


An 1451405_10152167779034785_855342347_nintegration of plant medicine, dance medicine, and intuitive movement woven into a sacred movement and bodywork workshop for women.   This workshop invites us to gather in circle, to honor and receive the sacred plant medicine, Cacao (the essence of chocolate), to deepen into consciousness and body intuition.  Intuitive Flow invites you to explore the body through breath work, movement meditation, yoga, fitness, dance, and self massage.
♥ Please dress comfortably, and bring an extra layer for your comfort
♥ Please bring plenty of water to stay hydrated
♥ If you have a yoga mat for personal practice, you are welcome to bring this, and there will be mats available as well
♥ Eat no less than an hour before the workshop
♥ Do you have blankets in case friends are cold during the meditation or relaxation?
♥ Reducing consumption of caffeine or coffee in the hours before a ceremonial amount of cacao is recommended
♥ Please inform us if you have been exposed to high toxicity, including radiation or chemotherapy treatment, so we may gently adjust your dose.
♥ Please inform us if you are fasting, follow a raw food diet, or are sensitive to drugs or energies.  Lower doses may also be needed for some (but not all).
♥ Lower doses are recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
♥ Many antidepressants do not mix with the tryptophan and monoamine oxidase inhibitors in this cacao.  Please be familiar with your medication and inform us if you are on any anti-depressant medication so we may mindfully adjust your dose.
KerriKerri Maroney is a licensed massage therapist, fitness educator, sacred dance facilitator, and nutrition professional, specializing in Women’s Health and Wellness, and health through cancer.  Kerri supports women who are passionate about giving to receive their own fullness through sacred dance, massage therapy, and spiritual fitness.
She has had a personal relationship ritual with cacao for many years, and has a deep reverence for sacred shamanic culture and ritual, and is an apprentice of this medicine.  Sacred movement has been deeply healing along her path, and she is delighted to share this practice and ritual with you, with the intention of cultivating self love, authentic personal practice, and sisterhood.

Preparing for Allergy Season… Naturally

Wednesday, March 18th  6pm

$20 suggested – no one turned away for inability to pay

JoinSONY DSC Heather Chase, clinical herbalist and owner of The Local Grocer for a discussion on how to get ready for the spring allergy season with herbs, supplements and optimum nutrition designed specifically to support the immune system and histamine reactions. Implementing healthy habits before allergy season kicks in will help your body best handle the onslaught of seasonal environmental allergens.

Topics discussed:

Detecting hidden food sensitivities which may be contributing to your inflammation “load” and allergic reactions

Reducing overall systemic inflammation

Preventative herbs and supplements for body systems involved in the allergy response.

Herbs and supplements for symptoms of seasonal allergies

The Essential Feminine

with Kate Macphee

Sunday March 29

9 – 12


6 person minimum

10155780_535275379922273_1984428111198050530_nMore pelvic floor info…. An invitation to open to the true core of the garden of your soul.  We will isolate and explore the anatomy of the pelvic floor.  In addition we will be introducing movement, breathing, toning, meditation and self correction techniques for you to bring into your personal practice.

This is a perfect introductory class for  getting back in touch with yourself pre and post natal,  pre and post hysterectomy,  to ease back pain, relieve incontinence, deepen and invigorate your yoga practice and of course anyone needing to reconnect to their divine sexual feminine essence.

Kate has been professionally specializing in woman’s health and pelvic floor issues for the past 14 years through my Structural Integration practice and numerous yoga teacher trainings.  It is every women’s birth right to graciously embrace our creative, abundant, life force energy for increased flow and joy.

She is blessed to be able to deliver this lineage to all of you.