An Introduction to Energy Medicine

Ted VerPlanck

Wednesday April 8

6 pm; 90 min


Thmetaphysicalis workshop will show you simple techniques that take only a few minutes a day. These will rapidly shift the energies in your body, enhance your health, and boost your vitality. I will teach you the 5 minute Daily Energy Routine that will balance your energies, strengthen your immune system, increase your strength and vitality, balance your body’s chemistry, helps you feel better, and think more clearly. Energy medicine works to increase your overall health and vitality. You will learn a variety of techniques based on acupressure points to strengthen and maintain the flow within your natural energy system.  These techniques will help you overcome many different types of illnesses, keep you strong and resilient, and empower you to own your own health and wellbeing.
The fundamental life energy, Chi, is the focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a major influence on the practice of energy medicine. My practice and teaching is modern and does not require adherence to any particular set of beliefs or practices. The core concept is that your overall health is directly related to the state of your body’s energies. Energies are detected and manipulated to promote healing, health and well-being.  When one of your body’s energy systems is chronically out of balance, your body does not work well. Your body is continuously trying to balance your energies to restore you to optimal health.  Energy blocks and stored negative emotions create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease. Based on the work of Donna Eden, the pioneer of Energy Medicine, has developed, you will learn simple techniques to keep your energy flowing in a vibrant harmony that fosters your good health. By “rewiring” your energetic system, you take control of your health.
Some of the other techniques you will learn will help you:
  • reduce stress, releases tension, and reduces fear and anxiety  
  • stop colds in their tracks 
  • improve your metabolism
  • interrupt the stress response  
  • activate a sluggish digestive track


Simple Sustainable Self-Care

Meghan Gilroy

Sunday, April 12

2 pm


Simple Meghan Gilroy 2015 HeadshotSustainable Self-Care is realistic, easy, bite-sized actions that don’t require a lot of planning, scheduling, purchasing or preparing. What a relief! Right?

As women, all too often we are seduced by ‘sexy’ glamorous self-care splurges and big intentions – the week long yoga retreat or promising ourselves that we’ll workout twice a week – forever.

Yet after the initial rush of enthusiasm, we fall back into our old routine of putting others first, making excuses and wondering why we never can find time for ourselves.

During this pleasurable workshop with relaxing experiential activities, you will:

  • Create your own stress-free Simple Self-Care Plan
  • Discover regular, ongoing sustainable self-care practices that you can do – usually in the comfort of your own home
  • Set up gentle reminders that work for you
  • Experience a guided meditation to refill and rejuvenate your energy


Ready to restore your sanity, health and wellbeing and feel so much better?


Meghan Gilroy is a shamanic healer, life & business coach and mindful mama filled with practical spirituality. She untangles relationship, career, health and money issues by nurturing intuition and simple self-care. You can find her at





Kombucha Camp

with Holistic Health Coach, Lori Steere

Sunday, April 19

2 – 3:30 pm


kombucha-flavoursSample homemade kombucha while participating in a DIY workshop!

Discover the many health benefits of this sparkling fermented tea. Strengthen your immune system, improve digestion, satisfy cravings…just feel better!

You will learn:

  • Facts and history of kombucha.
  • How to ferment your own.
  • Proper handling and care of your SCOBY.
  • Easy recipes.

Cost is $25 per person, all participants will take home a SCOBY mother, recipes, and starter tea.

The Healthy Gut Approach to Autoimmunity and Inflammation

With Heather Chase,  Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritional Consultant

April 22nd  and 29th


$60 for 2-part series

imagesAutoimmune disease is becoming an epidemic in our society with close to 50 million people affected by an autoimmune disease or a disease with an autoimmune component. In addition to the better known autoimmune diseases like MS and Graves’ Disease, there are also many diseases which are now suspected to have autoimmune origins or be otherwise linked to autoimmunity like chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, alzheimers, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, systemic lupus, some forms of cancer, and countless others.

This 2-part series will be exploring the role that diet and lifestyle can play in the management of autoimmune diseases.  Nutrient-dense traditional foods, a paleo-style diet, and supplements designed to heal the gut, reduce overall inflammation, support the immune system, and increase the body’s energy production will be examined.  Lifestyle changes essential to healing will also be explored.

Genetics definitely play a part in autoimmunity, but so do environmental triggers (like diet and environmental toxins), and gut health.  This class will focus on the elements that you DO have control of, and discuss ways that you can learn to manage your disease through diet and lifestyle.

Heather has a deep interest in autoimmunity as it runs strongly in her family and she herself healed her fibromyalgia symptoms six years ago with diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes.  Over the last year, a recurrence of similar symptoms led her to investigate the subject even further and has led her to her current knowledge, healing, and desire to share her experience and knowledge with her community.  For more information on the class, feel free to email her at [email protected]

Nourishing Self Care Soak

with Leah Mason

Sunday April 26

1 pm


Thself-caree average person has 50.000 – 70,000 thoughts a day. What have you been thinking?   Soak yourself in nourishing thoughts with  a Nourishing Self-care Soak:  thoughts, ideas, suggestions to release those thoughts which keep you from flourishing and blooming.  We will address:  pursuing happiness, low self-esteem, materialism, low body image, doubt, shame, fear etc. You will be given a new set of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to replace those self defeating ones. There will be a guided meditation and handouts with new paradigm-shifting thoughts for you to embrace.