choku-rei-heilender-schutz-reiki-16218374[2]Reiki Training Level 1 with Marci Starr


Thursday February 27; 5:30 – 8 pm; $111


Take the power of Reiki into your own hands! Reiki is a healing modality that works

to move energy through the body to promote greater health. With this class you will

be taught how this system works and be given the proper attunement so that you

can start accessing this universal life energy right away! Level 1 training is a great

way to learn the basics and start your own transformative experience!





Intro to Acro Yoga Workshop

Sunday, March 9th


$35 per person

Join Melissa Park and Nichole Gould, resident yoga instructors at Be Well Studios, for a playful and fun afternoon of partner yoga and the basics of acro yoga. We will take some time to discuss what acro yoga is. Then we will get to know one another with some trust games. Then we will head into some of the basics of acro yoga like how to be a base, how to be a spotter and what to do as a flyer and the communication it requires between a team practicing together.  this will be a fun event and is great for all ages! Pleas sign up at the Front desk of The Local Grocer/Be Well Studios!

Healers circle...

Are you a healer in the Mt. Washington Valley area?

Interested in connecting with other supportive, like-minded and like-hearted practitioners?

Do you desire a space to recharge and share your own personal process away from clients and family?

Join us for a monthly Healer’s Circle, facilitated by Meghan Gilroy, shamanic healer & life coach, and Chelsea Latham, soul realignment practitioner & yoga instructor at The Local Grocer/Be Well Studios. We’ll collaboratively create a sacred space to support each other personally and professionally. Think a mix of meditation, deep talk, laughter, heart-provoking activities, and the opportunity to organically network, following by time to chat and eat in the café.

January 23 – February 27 – March 27 – April 17

12 – 2 pm at the Local Grocer

If interested please email [email protected] or [email protected]

aurasAuras with Elena Mosston


Wednesday March 12 & 26; 5:30 – 7 pm; $60


An introduction to the human energy field. Ever wonder what auras look like, what the

colors mean, and how to see them more clearly? In this two part series Elena will

share her knowledge of auras and how to use them to connect with the universe

around you.

chakra-man-violet-2[1]Chakra Cleansing Workshop


Sunday, March 16



th; 11:30am-2 pm; $40

Restore balance and strength to your body, mind and spirit! We begin with

restorative hath yoga led by Chelsea Latham and complete with a Crystal Bowl

Concert hosted by Marci Starr of Crystal Clear Vibrations. This class combines

movement, meditation, deep relaxation & vibration to open, strengthen and release

the seven chakras of tension and pain


Farm to Table Dinner

Sunday August 17 at 6 pm

Hosted by The Local Grocer

Prepared by Chef Richard Schmitt

Provided for by Mountain Flower Farm


Join us for an evening of home-made, home-grown organic goodness! Gathering the season’s finest foods and lovingly preparing them into a 4-course meal for you to savor.

mindbodyspirit*Mind*Body*Spirit* Metaphysical Fair
Sunday March 23, 11-3
A gathering of intuitives who offer services to connect you with the metaphysical
and help you gain the knowledge you seek. This is a wonderful opportunity to get
insight into love, life, career, family, upcoming changes, life purpose, your angels
and much more! Come with an open mind and bring a friend to share. Services &
readings will be offered in 10-20 min increments- pay for what you try!

cropped-crystalbowls11[2]Sounds from the Crystal Cave w. Marci Starr
Sunday March 30; 10:30 – 11:30 am; $20
Come experience one of the most advanced sonic tools for the activation and
enhancement of consciousness. The deep sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls
serve to release stress and relax and heal you from the inside out! Listening to the
crystal bowls is compared to receiving a massage at a molecular level!


Thursday April 10th 5:30 – 8 pm


Take the power of Reiki into your own hands! Reiki is a healing modality that works to move energy through the body to promote greater health.You will be taught how reikie works and be given the attunement so you can start accessing this universal life energy right away. Level 1 training is a great way to learn the basics and start your own transformative experience!


cleanse.jpcleansw2Conscious Cleansing with Heather Chase & Chelsea Latham


April 23 – May 14


Wednesdays at 5:30






Join Heather and Chelsea, health and wellness instructors for four weeks of cleanse and rejuvenation to the body, mind & spirit. We will help you to build a dietary cleanse that is comfortable for you and your lifestyle, with as much structure (or freedom) as you desire. A successful cleanse includes a cleansing diet but also supportive lifestyle, self-care rituals and activities so that each week we will host different activities and exercises. Often as you begin to clarify your physical body, your mental & emotional bodies begin to open up and require consideration as well. Each week we will provide you with nutritional & lifestyle suggestions, share recipes and present you with daily mantras for your consideration.




What’s included?


  • ·         Four weekly group meetings for further education and sharing
  • ·         Assistance in creating your personalized cleanse
  • ·         Recipes & other informative handouts
  • ·         Weekly guidance and support on the progression of your cleanse
  • ·         Information on healthy cleansing and diets
  • ·         Information on supportive herbs and supplements
  • ·         Weekly lifestyle discussion to support your cleanse
  • ·         Daily “mantras” for inspiration and consideration
  • ·         “Daily Ritual Schedule” with supportive self care suggestions
  • ·         Your own journal
  • ·         4 free juices
  • ·         4 free yoga vouchers




Each class we will:


  • ·         Begin with 15 minutes of yoga to reconnect and focus
  • ·         Share new diet and cleanse information to prepare you for the upcoming week
  • ·         Share ideas on lifestyle and personal development to assist you in the mental, spiritual, emotional aspects of the cleanse
  • ·         Group Share: questions, concerns, recipes, experiences & other thoughts
  • ·         End with 10 – 15 minutes of meditation