Lori Richardson

Lori is a mother, dancer, artist, teacher, and certified personal trainer. She studied dance her whole life and have been teaching dance of all forms for many many years (focusing primarily on ballet and modern) at the Jeanne Limmer Dance Center. She currently teaches dance, train clients in their homes, and teach her own small group fitness classes. She am certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Lori also is currently finishing up a specialized certification in Womens Fitness with NASM as well as having earned a second degree in Danza Ra Reiki. Grateful to be here and thank you.

Body Preservation is a class designed to integrate and fine tune the brain/muscle connection or neuromuscular efficiency. The better we are able to have these connections working optimally, the less chance we have of injury. The class is designed around the use of a 1/2 foam roll that I will provide in class. Learn how to better sense limb position and body alignment along with strengthening the core and fine tuning your balance. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat for this hour long mind body connecting and strengthening class.